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Ludiwk Trammer

Hello. My name is Ludwik Trammer and I'm the creator of I've lived and worked in Warsaw, Poland all my life, but I am looking to meet new people, develop new skills and gain new experiences.

To do that, I would like to go away for a year, starting summer 2009, and work in some other part of the world, in a new environment. To support myself, I would need employment and I am looking for potential employers.

If you think my skills could help your company, please contact me at one of the links below. If you know someone else who might be interested, please send them this link:

Ideally, I am looking for employment for at least 12 months. I would consider both full-time and intern positions. An environment that is interesting and inspiring is more important to me than money (though obviously I need some). I'm also willing to do volunteer work for a good cause, providing that the organization would cover my basic costs of living.

Below you can download my resume and Twit Q&A Form*. You can contact me writing to or using the contact form.

Thanks for reading!


* Twit Q&A Form is a tool used during recruiting process by TWIT LLC. It basically checks if the person is enough of a Web 2.0/Social media junkie to work in the Twit Cottage ;) Twit's Dane Golden was kind enough to let me post the one with my responses here.

My resume
My Twit Q&A Form

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