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Daily Giz Wiz 917: MCE Optibay
Swap out your optical drive in your Apple laptop for a hard drive with the MCE OptiBay. Show notes ...
Tags: Data Storage, Computer Accessory
Episode 917 - 2009-09-15 - 20 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 569: ThinkGeek USB Tape Dispenser
Hey, you put your tape dispenser in my USB hub and now it's a ThinkGeek USB Tape Dispenser.
Tags: Wacky Gadgets, Computer Accessory
Episode 569 - 2008-05-15 - 22 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 736: Lorex Wireless CCTV
Keep an eye on things with the digital hopping, night vision, indoor-outdoor Lorex Wireless CCTV.
Tags: Computer Accessory, Safety and Security
Episode 736 - 2009-01-05 - 20 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 545: Disc On Key Flash Drive
From the Gadget Warehouse: Disc On Key Flash Drive.
Tags: Data Storage, Computer Accessory
Episode 545 - 2008-04-11 - 11 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 67: CompUS Hard Drive Enclosure - brought to you by Retail Careers at T-Mobile
OK so it's not shiny and cool and gee whiz, but it is amazingly useful: the CompUSA (or anywhere fo...
Tags: Computer Accessory, Data Storage
Episode 67 - 2006-05-23 - 13 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 570: IBM Microdrive
From the Gadget Warehouse: IBM Microdrive.
Tags: Data Storage, Computer Accessory
Episode 570 - 2008-05-16 - 13 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 436: Backup Pal
Backup the contents of your cell phone or copy it to another phone with Backup Pal.
Tags: Cellphone, Computer Accessory, Backup
Episode 436 - 2007-11-05 - 19 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 812: Turbo.264 HD
Transcode video to H.264 in real time with the Elgato Turbo.264 HD.
Tags: Computer Accessory, Media Converter
Episode 812 - 2009-04-21 - 26 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 580: Connectix QuickCam
From the Gadget Warehouse: Connectix QuickCam
Tags: Video Recorder, Computer Accessory
Episode 580 - 2008-05-30 - 16 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1058: Luxeed LED Keyboard
Your keyboard lights up with all sorts of colors with the Luxeed LED Keyboard. Show notes For more...
Tags: Computer Accessory, Keyboard, LED Lights
Episode 1058 - 2010-03-31 - 19 minutes
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