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Daily Giz Wiz 714: Easy Bloom
Find out what to plant in your garden with the USB Easy Bloom. Audible pick of the day: Outliers: T...
Tags: Gardening Tool, Computer Accessory
Episode 714 - 2008-12-04 - 22 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 565: Snappy Video Snapshot
From the Gadget Warehouse: Snappy Video Snapshot.
Tags: Computer Accessory
Episode 565 - 2008-05-09 - 18 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 713: Belkin Powerline AV
Extend your Internet connection through your house's electrical outlets with the Belkin Powerline A...
Tags: Networking, Computer Accessory
Episode 713 - 2008-12-03 - 24 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 287: SMC Skype Phone and FON Router
It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews the SMC Skype Phone and FON Router.
Tags: Phone, Computer Accessory, Networking, VoIP, Skype
Episode 287 - 2007-04-10 - 13 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 3: Belkin Cable Free
Tags: Computer Accessory, Networking
Episode 3 - 2006-02-22 - 8 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 56: Digital Foci Memory Card Gateway
A tiny memory card reader with some slick features - contrary to our review it does not read XD card...
Tags: Computer Accessory, Card Reader
Episode 56 - 2006-05-08 - 12 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 473: Ion Tape to PC
Convert your old music tapes to MP3s with the ION Tape2PC USB cassette deck.
Tags: Cassette Tape, Computer Accessory
Episode 473 - 2008-01-02 - 14 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 840: Fellowes Secure Touch Mini Optical Mouse
From the Gadget Warehouse: Fellowes Secure Touch Mini Optical Mouse
Tags: Mouse, Computer Accessory
Episode 840 - 2009-05-29 - 14 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 460: Compaq Scanner Keyboard
From the Gadget Warehouse: the Compaq keyboard with built-in Visioneer scanner.
Tags: Computer Accessory, Keyboard
Episode 460 - 2007-12-07 - 20 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 497: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager
It's Turn The Tables Tuesday, and Leo verifies his fingerprint on both Mac and Windows with the UPE...
Tags: Computer Accessory, Safety and Security
Episode 497 - 2008-02-05 - 12 minutes
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