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Daily Giz Wiz 311: Sansa Connect
Sandisk presents the first MP3 player that can download music via Wi-Fi, the Sansa Connect.
Tags: MP3 Player, Portable Media Player, Speakers
Episode 311 - 2007-05-14 - 18 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 330: Ideao wireless headphones
From the Gadget Warehouse, a one of a Kind 128MB Wireless MP3 Headset Player, the Ideao wireless hea...
Tags: Headset, MP3 Player
Episode 330 - 2007-06-08 - 15 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 174: Fischer-Price FP3
The Fischer Price FP3 is a kid’s version of an MP3 player for three and up. Built tough, it holds ...
Tags: MP3 Player, Education, Toys
Episode 174 - 2006-10-19 - 15 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 89: Swiss Army s.beat - sponsored by Retail Careers at T-Mobile
Now the knife that has everything... the Swiss Army Knife with MP3 player - available in 1, 2 and 4G...
Tags: MP3 Player, Hand Tools
Episode 89 - 2006-06-22 - 15 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 459: Sandisk Sansa View
Sandisks video MP3 player, the Sandisk Sansa View.
Tags: MP3 Player, Portable Media Player
Episode 459 - 2007-12-06 - 19 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 739: Coby MP-305
Rock out with the FM tuner, mp3 player, LCD-screen Coby MP-305 2 GB flash drive. Audible pick of th...
Tags: Computer Accessory, MP3 Player
Episode 739 - 2009-01-08 - 19 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 410: The Rio 500
From the Gadget Warehouse: the first popular MP3 player, the Rio 500.
Tags: MP3 Player
Episode 410 - 2007-09-28 - 16 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 202: Zune
It's turn the table Tuesday, and Leo talks about Microsoft's iPod killer: the Zune.
Tags: MP3 Player, Radio, Portable Media Player
Episode 202 - 2006-11-27 - 19 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 84: MobiBlu B153 - brought to you by Retail Careers at T-Mobile
An MP3 player that claims 153 hours of battery life, the MobiBLU B153, $130-140
Tags: MP3 Player, Radio, Voice Recorder
Episode 84 - 2006-06-15 - 12 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 749: iCap
Hear audio straight from your baseball cap with iCap. Shownotes Wiki
Tags: Clothing, Headwear, MP3 Player, Radio, Apparel
Episode 749 - 2009-01-22 - 18 minutes
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