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Daily Giz Wiz 755: Panasonic CPA
From the Gadget Warehouse: The Panasonic CPA. Shownotes wiki for this episode Audible pick of the ...
Tags: Organizer, Portable Computer
Episode 755 - 2009-01-30 - 34 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1067: Apple iPad
Experience the web, email, photos and video a new way with Apple's iPad. Show notes For more deta...
Tags: Portable Computer, Portable Media Player, Ebook
Episode 1067 - 2010-04-13 - 31 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 977: Dell Latitude Z
When you show up to your executive committee and bust out your Dell Latitude Z everyone will know wh...
Tags: Computer, Portable Computer
Episode 977 - 2009-12-08 - 26 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 813: Voltaic Generator Bag
Get your laptop off the grid with the 15-watt Voltaic Generator Bag.
Tags: Portable Computer, Travel Accessory
Episode 813 - 2009-04-22 - 26 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 958: TwitterPeek
Tweet from wherever you are, for life, with the TwitterPeek. Show notes For more details and a cha...
Tags: Twitter Device, Portable Computer
Episode 958 - 2009-11-11 - 23 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1092: MacBook Pro
Get the fastest processors available in award winning industrial design with Apple's new MacBook Pr...
Tags: Portable Computer
Episode 1092 - 2010-05-01 - 23 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 590: Palm Pilot
From the Gadget Warehouse: The Palm Pilot.
Tags: Portable Computer, PDA
Episode 590 - 2008-06-13 - 20 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 645: Cidco Mailstation
From the Gadget Warehouse: Cidco Mailstation.
Tags: Portable Computer
Episode 645 - 2008-08-29 - 20 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 898: Acer Aspire One A0751h
The Acer Aspire One A0751h is unique in the netbook category. Audible pick of the day: Excuses Wayn...
Tags: Computer, Portable Computer, Netbook
Episode 898 - 2009-08-19 - 20 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 757: XPS Studio 16
Render, watch or listen to great media with the Blu-ray Dell XPS Studio 16 laptop. Shownotes wiki f...
Tags: Portable Computer, computer
Episode 757 - 2009-02-03 - 20 minutes
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