Note: features gadgets reviewed on The Daily GizWiz podcast. The show no longer exists in its original form, but the site will remain a searchable archive of more than 1300 episodes and gadgets. Have fun!
You can find all the gadgets, including the new ones on Dick DeBartolo's website.
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Daily Giz Wiz 865: Hot Talk Spatula
From the Gadget Warehouse: Hot Talk Spatula
Tags: Cooking, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 865 - 2009-07-03 - 30 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1050: Whipping Boy
From the depths of Dick's gadget warehouse comes the Whipping Boy. Show notes For more details an...
Tags: Toys, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 1050 - 2010-03-19 - 16 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 553: Animal Cable Organizers
It's a jungle out there, unless you use Animal Cable Organizers.
Tags: Organizer, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 553 - 2008-04-23 - 14 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 636: Dress for Dinner Napkin
Look great for dinner while keeping your food off your t-shirt with the Dress for Dinner Napkin.
Tags: Clothing, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 636 - 2008-08-18 - 24 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1059: Uro-Mug
Folks are bursting with enthusiasm for the Uro-Mug, the coffee mug with results. Show notes For mo...
Tags: Wacky Gadgets, Hygiene
Episode 1059 - 2010-04-01 - 15 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 235: Sea Urn
From the gadget warehouse: bury me not on the lone prairie. Sink my ashes in the Sea Urn.
Tags: Funeral, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 235 - 2007-01-26 - 14 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1304: Spy Camera T-Shirt
Undercover with no disguise, it's the Spy Camera T-Shirt. Download or subscribe to this show at t...
Tags: Clothing, Tshirt, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 1304 - 2011-03-10 - 15 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 105: iSmell
This was one of the products you just knew would never see the light on day at a retail outlet. The ...
Tags: Special Effects, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 105 - 2006-07-14 - 14 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 1079: Medea Vodka
Unleash your inner poet with the world's first interactive bottle from Medea Vodka. Show notes Fo...
Tags: Food and Beverage, Wacky Gadgets
Episode 1079 - 2010-04-29 - 15 minutes
Daily Giz Wiz 942: Penguin Tea Timer
The Penguin Tea Timer will take your tea drinking experience to the next level. Show notes For mor...
Tags: Wacky Gadgets, Food and Beverage
Episode 942 - 2009-10-20 - 18 minutes
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