Note: In most recent version of Laconica software you should be able to unsubscribe from remote user by simply clicking a button in your subscriptions list. You don't need to use the following page, unless you are using older version of Laconica, or you are having problems with the standard unsubscription method.

Unsubscribe remote Laconica user

To unsubscribe from an user with account on another Laconica server go to your subscriptions page, right click on the user's avatar and choose "Copy Image Location". Then paste the URL below:

I have an account on:

Type your Laconica server URL:

You will be redirected to Twit Army server and asked for your username and password.
Note: you can't use your openid credentials. Luckily even if you registered with openid you can set a password in Laconica settings. I had some problems doing this, but the password reset form helped.

Instead of usual confirmation page you will see just an XML code. That's normal. Refresh your subscriptions page to check if the operation was sucesfull.

Security info: You won't have to provide this page with your password. After clicking "Unsubscribe from the user" button you will be redirected to Twit Army server and you will provide it with your password directly.
This script is entirely client-side. No data is ever send back to the GizWizSearch server. You can choose "show source" option in your browser to review the code.

Disclaimer: This script is a quick dirty hack and don't really check user input for errors. Laconica API is also new and pretty untested (I suspect). There may be side effects, including wiping out all your subscriptions and severe diarrhea. That's not very probable, but remember this page is provided "as is" and without any warranty. Besides, I live in East Europe, so don't even try to sue me. You can post problems, questions and suggestions to my Twit Army account.