Daily Giz Wiz 72: Programmable License Plate

Episode 72 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Programmable License Plate
Released:Tuesday 30 May 2006
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:DGW-072.mp3 (7.6 MB)
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Short info

Flash your friends with the Programmable License Plate Billboard (and remote control) from Gadget Universe. $50

Detailed information

Store up to 4 customised messages (up to 120 characters each) and display them on the scrolling LED lights (147 in total), with remote control.  You compose your messages on your computer, then download them to the remote control via a serial port.  The remote control can then transfer the messages to the licence plate.  May not be legal in some areas.

Lauren Bacall

Dick has a proud story to tell about Lauren Bacall.

Kitty Carlisle

Dick has another story to tell about Bill Gaines and Kitty Carlisle.

Dick's Boats

All of Dick's boats are called Applause (1, 2 and 3).  Dick explains why.  He has owned 26 boats but never a car.  He has sailed all the way from the Bahamas to Canada.

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