Daily Giz Wiz 108: Solio Portable Solar Charger

Episode 108 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Solio Portable Solar Charger
Released:Wednesday 19 July 2006
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Never run out of juice, as long as the sun is shining with the Solio portable solar charger. It can capture energy from the sun or you charge it via a traditional AC power outlet. It stores energy in its integrated Lithium Ion battery. The unit I have came with an iPod adapter, but other "tips" can charge mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs and portable games consoles. Solio’s award winning design allows the solar blades to fold like a fan for compact travel. Price is about $90 for the version that includes the iPod connector. And it’s available in white or black to match your iPod, or even pink to match who knows what! Optional tips for phones, PDA’s, etc. are about $20 each.

Detailed information

Link: Solio

This gadget fans out into 3 solar panels and uses light energy to charge your devices, like cellphone, iPod, PDA, portable game consoles, etc.  The Solio Solar Charger stores the energy in the built-in Lithium ion battery, or you can charge your devices directly through the charger.  Output ranges from 4 to 12V and it's one Amp.  Special "tips" are available for different devices.  Available in black, white, silver and even pink.  Each colour model comes with a different tip or connector, and extra connectors and cables can be ordered.

Gravy Jingle and Mad Minutes

Dick has given a whole lot of old cassette tapes of the old Mad Minutes which were aired on certain radio stations.  Leo says they need a gravy jingle, and if he gets it, he'll start including a Mad Minute in every show.

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