Daily Giz Wiz 663: Solio Magnesium Edition

Episode 663 of the podcast

Solio Magnesium Edition
Subject: Review of Solio Magnesium Edition
Released:Wednesday 24 September 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

Juice up your phone and mp3 player with the hybrid solar charger Solio Magnesium Edition.

Detailed information

Dick covered the original Solio back in Episode 108.  The Magnesium Edition (with magnesium casing) is their top model which outputs a maximum wattage of 9W.  Its 1800mA Li-ion rechargeable battery can be charged using solar energy, or via  AC, with a universal AC adapter.  It comes with a USB connector for charging your USB-enabled devices, and 5 iGo power tips for the Motorola Razor, the LG Chocolate, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry phones.  Other power tips are available.  Check the list here.

Finally, you get a Solio wooden pencil, to prop up the solar cells to get the optimum angle for receiving sunlight.


TWiT should be This Week in Thrift instead, or TWiS, This Week in Scrooge.  The lengths Leo would go to in order not to pay his dues.

Match Game Cards

Walt Hoffman, of Glendora, California, thanks Dick for his set of Match Game Cards.  As a child, Walt used to watch the filming of Match Game.

Spirit and Opportunity

No doubt inspired by Match Game, Walt grew up to work as an engineer at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), NASA, at Pasadena, on the operations team for the Mars Exploration Rover Programme.  Dick and Leo have talked about gadgets' own time scale, the gadget years (Episodes 120, 420).  Walt points out that NASA's 2 Rovers (called Spirit and Opportunity - which could be Dick's and Leo's middle names) have outlived their life expectancies.  Originally thought to last for 90 sols (a sol is the local cycle of light and darkness on a planet, which for Mars is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds), both rovers have lasted more than 1,650 sols.

Walt offers to give Dick and Leo, if they're ever in Southern California, a nickel tour.  Bring a nickel please.  No Visa.

Follow the Phoenix

Leo points out that you can follow the Phoenix Rover on Mars, on Twitter.  Dick points out that you can follow him at twitter.com/thegizwiz, and at TWiT Army (also the gizwiz) - but the TWiT Laconica service is down at the moment after Leo's server problems over the weekend.  Alfred E Neuman (alfredeneuman) is on both services as well.

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