Daily Giz Wiz 335: 1992's Wacky Slippers

Episode 335 of the podcast

Subject: Review of 1992's Wacky Slippers
Released:Friday 15 June 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

Just to prove there are no new ideas we travel back to 1992 in the Gadget Warehouse and find... Wacky Slippers!

Detailed information

"The Dwy Wustle of the Waven's Wings signifies another twip to Dick's Gadget Warehouse ..."
After Leo's Porky-esque intro, we get something from 1992.  These were the precursor to BrightFeet (Episode 73).  Click the heels to turn the headlights on.

Freudian Slippers

While looking for the wacky slippers on the net, Leo comes across the Freudian Slippers.  They are fun too.

Happy Birthday again

Dick and Leo say Happy 30th Birthday to Hannah's husband!

NTI Shadow

Billy Spelchan of BlazingGames wrote in to thank Andy Marken for the prize he got for the 300th Episode Contest - the NTI Shadow Backup software.

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