Daily Giz Wiz 336: Wind Chime Alarm Clock

Episode 336 of the podcast

Wind Chime Alarm Clock
Subject: Review of Wind Chime Alarm Clock
Released:Monday 18 June 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
Download file:dgw0336.mp3 (4.6 MB)

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Short info

Make beautiful music with the Wind Chime Alarm Clock.

Detailed information

As promised by Dick in Episode 329, Dick talks about the Wind Chime Alarm Clock, which wakes you up with the sound of wind chimes made by metal pipes.

Spotted Dick

The Court Jester from Phoenix points out that contrary to what Dick said in Episode 322, there is food that rhymes with Dick - the spotted dick, a British pudding.  Leo first heard about it from the British Navy.

Disneyland and Wax Museum

Listen to Dick's stories about the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland, and a very special wax museum in St. Louis.

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