Daily Giz Wiz 359: Philips DCP 850

Episode 359 of the podcast

Philips DCP 850
Subject: Review of Philips DCP 850
Released:Thursday 19 July 2007
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

A DVD player plus iPod dock for under $200, the Philips DC850.

Detailed information

8.5" swivel colour LCD screen, plays DVDs, videos from the iPod (with dock), videos from SD card (DivX, MPEG4).

The DemonDialer

Fernando from Mexico loves the DemonDialer (Episode 355).  It's an easy way to win TV phone-in contests and to call the fellow called The Tech Guy.


Leo has just come back from the Electronic Entertainment Media Association Conference while Dick is going there soon for the Marine Accessories Aftermarket Trade Show.  Leo did a keynote panel, and discovered that although over half of the "power consumers" had Hi-Def TV, none of them owned a Hi-Def Disc Player, to the chagrin of the movie industry.

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