Daily Giz Wiz 380: Motorola MP3 player for V60 phones

Episode 380 of the podcast

Motorola MP3 player for V60 phones
Subject: Review of Motorola MP3 player for V60 phones
Released:Friday 17 August 2007
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: the doomed Motorola MP3 player for V60 phones.

Detailed information

MP3 Player for Motorola V60 Phones

MP3 Player/Cellphone Accessories
Link: Amazon

From about 5 years ago, this was an accessory for listening to your mp3s on certain Motorola phones, including the V60 series, using the charging jack of the phone.  32MP memory, using SD card.  Another add-on is the Hands-Free Desktop Speakerphone which uses the same jack.

Hate Mail

Learn how Gary Moore used to deal with hate mail.  Leo can do with a lesson here.

Cominig Soon, Maybe

Leo may cover the Motorola MOTORIZR Z8 next Tuesday.

PC Decrapifier

A listener Brian Drake suggests the PC Decrapifier for TTTT.

The Old Philosopher

Dick and Leo reminisce about the Old Philosopher.  Leo finally finds out that the name of the comedian is Eddie Lawrence.

Dave Allen, Dan Hayes and John North

Who were they?

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