Daily Giz Wiz 446: Turbocharge

Episode 446 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Turbocharge
Released:Monday 19 November 2007
Length:about 9 minutes
Download file:dgw0446.mp3 (4 MB)

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Short info

Charge up your cell phone with two AA batteries with Turbocharge 2.

Detailed information

The original Turbo Charge uses 1 AA battery as the power source to charge different portable devices, including cellphones and iPods.  [See Episode 196 for version 1, called iTurbo, which is the same charger with a iPod adapter.  The Album Art in the download is also version 1.]  Version 2 is a bigger since it uses 2 AA batteries.  Each Turbo Charge doubles up as an LED flashlight, has a battery indicator, and comes with your choice of one cellphone adapter, or you can get a 9-Adapter Bundle.  Extra adapters are also available, even for portable gaming consoles.  A set of 2 AA batteries is supposed to be sufficient for 3 charging cycles for typical cellphones.

Match Game Cards

Brian Larsson, fan of Leo since ZDTV and listener of TWiT since Day One, writes to thank Dick for his set of Match Game Cards which he is going to give to his mother as a Christmas present.  There are still some more left, but not many.

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