Daily Giz Wiz 881: The LIFT-n-LOK Tool Box

Episode 881 of the podcast

The LIFT-n-LOK Tool Box
Subject: Review of The LIFT-n-LOK Tool Box
Released:Monday 27 July 2009
Length:about 29 minutes
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Short info

Keep everything in its place and have a place for everything with the LIFT-n-LOK Tool Box

Detailed information

The Lift-n-Lok is a toolbox with 3 compartmentalised drawers and a storage bin at the top.  The neat feature is, when the handle is lifted, the cam connected to the ends of the handle not only fastens all the drawers but also lifts the drawers to remove the spaces between them to prevent spillage.  It's best to see a demo.

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Catching Up

It's been 3 weeks since Dick and Leo last talked, and they take the opportunity before the recording of the show to catch up:
Dick has worked out that if he and Leo should take a week off for the Christmas holidays, the recording of Episode 1000 will fall around 4th January (it should be Tuesday 5th January).  Dick can then come out to Petaluma to do the show at the TWiT Cottage, and then go on to CES in Vegas, which will take place from 7th to 10th January. 

Sunday In The Park with Leo Leo had a walk in the park one Sunday evening in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, and was ready to meet the Chinese version of the Sharks and the Jets or the Crips and the Bloods.  Instead, he chanced upon a group of middle-aged Chinese women doing a co-ordinated dance, and before long, another troupe came along to perform Beijing Opera.

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TV Vegas Style

Leo's account of CNN's story on the Xinjiang riots being blocked in China reminds Dick of how Howard Hughes, before the days of the VHS or DVR, used to ask his TV station to rewind parts of a TV programme - while it was being broadcast.

He Said, She Said

Comedian Steve Allen and his actress wife Jayne Meadows were a great couple.  They never got an answer wrong on He Said, She Said.  The story goes that one night, Jayne Meadows had a dream in which she was caught in a building on fire, and Steve Allen in his own dream rescued her from the building.  Both Dick and Leo think highly of Steve Allen, and David Letterman has also admitted he has been very much influenced by Steve Allen, too.

A Fine Analogue

15-year-old Steven Rodriguez, better known by his handle optionshiftk, is in the chatroom while Dick reads his letter.  Steven wonders if Dick and Leo are familiar with the raconteur and radio show host Jean Shepherd, famous to modern audience for his Christmas Story, but who for many years hosted a show on WOR Radio in New York, telling stories and anecdotes, reading poetry and making observations about life in New York.  Steven has not had the benefit of spending nights with Shep, but the Daily Giz Wiz and other shows on the TWiT Network provide him with a fine analogue.
Leo grew up listening to Shep, which decided Leo's career for him.  You can get Jean Shepherd on Audible, or follow the links provided in the website Flick Lives.

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