Daily Giz Wiz 123: HP Slimline PC

Episode 123 of the podcast

HP Slimline PC
Subject: Review of HP Slimline PC
Released:Wednesday 9 August 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

HP's Slimline PC with Lightscribe and HP Skins.

Detailed information

About 1/3 of the normal tower size, but fully equipped.  You can pick your specs from the Slimline series, and change the skin too.

KC & the Sunshine Band

Leo was in Indianapolis for the Indie 500 and Casey of KC & the Sunshine Band was in the parade.

Match Game Guests

Stories about Gloria Swanson and Rita Moreno.

DGW Jingles

There have been many submissions of theme songs for the DGW, including a "churchy" one from Pat/Hagen Mrizek that goes "The daily giz wiz, makes its own sauce", and "Dick will be there".  But it's the jingle by Paul Minshall from Vancouver that they like.

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