Daily Giz Wiz 195: Taxi Wand

Episode 195 of the podcast

Taxi Wand
Subject: Review of Taxi Wand
Released:Friday 17 November 2006
Length:about 9 minutes
Download file:dgw0195.mp3 (4.2 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse, hail taxis like a pro with the Taxi Wand

Detailed information

A wand for hailing taxis from 1998.  The Taxi Wand probably never made it into the market.  Hail and goodbye.

DGW on the Dentist Chair

A listener Martin downloads DGW on to a CD and listens to them while at the dentist's.

Old Clothes

Cool B says he will adopt Dick's trick of getting rid of old clothes.

Old Batteries

A listener refers to Fedcoelectronics who has all sorts of batteries, and can even rebuild an old battery for you.  That should solve Dick's problem with the flat battery of the Cassiopeia FIVA (Episode 175).

Mad Minute

Generals Fools International Caffeine.

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