Daily Giz Wiz 228: Personal Taser C2

Episode 228 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Personal Taser C2
Released:Wednesday 17 January 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Shock your friends - well maybe your enemies anyway - with the Personal Taser C2.

Detailed information

A self-defence device.  The Taser C2 transmits electrical pulses into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing.
Peter Shankman of Geek Factory and PRDifferently volunteered to be tasered by the C2 at CES 2007.  Watch the video here (expletives present).
[play video]

Yoshi once also agreed to be tasered (by a stronger police version) on the Screensavers.  He ended up giggling.

Dick also talks about a couple of other discoveries at CES 2007:

Philips Ambilight

Philips is making LCD TVs with a built-in lamp which gives out an ambient backlight, called Ambilight, that changes colour according to the colours of the screen display.

[play video]

Sharp 108" LCD TV

Sharp shows off a 108" LCS screen at CES.  Picture from www.pocket-lint.co.uk.

TWiT Merchandise

Scott Jordan of Scott-E-Vest has made merchandise for Leo with the TWiT logo.  It will be sold on Think Geek.


Ian from the UK, in response to Leo's spork (Episode 182), introduces us to the website www.vegware.co.uk for biodegradable cutlery made of potato starch.  This reminds Dick of packing peanuts made of cornstarch which dissolves in water and can be disposed of in the sink, such as those offered by Uline.

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