Daily Giz Wiz 589: Spoke Lit

Episode 589 of the podcast

Spoke Lit
Subject: Review of Spoke Lit
Released:Thursday 12 June 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0589.mp3 (6.6 MB)

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Short info

Light up your bike wheels at night with Spoke Lit.

Detailed information

The SpokeLit is an LED lighting device which you can attach to any bicycle wheel (with a 3-cross spoke pattern) which glows as a lighted circle when you ride on your bike, to announce your presence to other traffic in dark conditions.  Available in Red, Green and Blue.  Available from Nite Ize, which also sells the Fibre Optic Flashlight Adapter, the Dec '06 WTHII gadget (see Episode 226).

Copyrighting Gadget

Dick explains that the reason so many gadgets are spelt in funny ways, such as SpokeLit and Nite Ize is so that they can be more easily copyrighted.

The Birth of DGW

Dick and Leo think it was the Hudson Hotel in New York where the idea for DGW was born, while Leo was in town to appear on Regis, after the Hardware Show Preview.

Another Trivia Question

"What is a pregnant goldfish called?" a listener asks Leo.  "A mamafish," replies Leo.  All right, it's a twit.  Read The Straight Dope to learn more than you want to know about it.

Leo's Autobiography

Another listener suggests a name for Leo's autobiography, "TWiT'll Be Me", although Leo now prefers "I Never Stopped Talking".

600th Episode

Episode 600 is coming on in 2 weeks, and Dick and Leo may well be recording it on 20 June when Dick is at the TWiTLive Studio.  They might get Wild Planet to give away some prizes, or get ThinkGeek to make some monogrammed Sporks, or SpearHats.

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