Daily Giz Wiz 294: Bose in-ear Headphones

Episode 294 of the podcast

Bose in-ear Headphones
Subject: Review of Bose in-ear Headphones
Released:Thursday 19 April 2007
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

A new kind of headphone from a trusted name: the Bose in-ear Headphones.

Detailed information

HIgh quality earphones that sit securely but comfortably just outside the ear canals.  They come with 3 sizes of silicone tips to fit your ears.

Dr Amar Bose

Dick has met one of the founders of Bose, Dr Amar G. Bose, whom Dick addressed as "Armoire".  Dick has a suspicion that he invented the cabinet that houses hifi equipment called the armoire.

Dick and Leo can still remember the old Bose 901 speakers, which are still being sold in their modern forms.

The Spork to end all Sporks?

Eric Dykstra comes across a spork from Light-My-Fire that should end the whole spork debate, as this spork is a combination of a knife, a fork and a spoon.  "But is it made of titanium?" Leo asks.

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