Daily Giz Wiz 212: Shure PTH

Episode 212 of the podcast

Shure PTH
Subject: Review of Shure PTH
Released:Tuesday 12 December 2006
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the table Tuesday, and Leo demonstrates his birthday present from Steve Gibson: the Shure PTH Control for headphones. Push a button and the music is turned down and you can hear what's going on around you via the built-in microphone.

Detailed information

Leo learned about this gadget from buddy Steve Gibson of GRC of Security Now!, ShieldsUp and SpinRite fame.

The AAA-battery-operated Shure PTH (Push-To-Hear) Control sits between your mp3 player and your favourite noise-isolating/cancelling earphones.  Push the control to gradually lower the sound level of your music and its built-in microphone enables you to hear external sounds without having to remove your earphones.  Works with all standard earphones.

Steve swears about it ...

Leo is often quick to correct Dick's English.  Today he says Steve swears about the PTH, and Steve swears for it.  I think the preposition he's looking for is "by".

At least it's not a nail

Dick is underwhelmed by the PTH.  Leo gets ratty and says "At least it's not a nail!" - the Hurriquake in Episode 193.  Dick says this is the day the chemistry falls apart.

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Blankety Blank

A listener from Ireland has found the Match Game "Dimples" clip (Episodes 101, 189) on YouTube.  The British version of Match Game was called Blankety Blank.

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