Daily Giz Wiz 295: Superdisk LS-120

Episode 295 of the podcast

Superdisk LS-120
Subject: Review of Superdisk LS-120
Released:Friday 20 April 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Bigger than a floppy, smaller than a hard drive, and idea whose time has come. And gone. The Superdisk LS-120 Floptical.

Detailed information

The idea of the SuperDisk was conceived in the early 1990's but the product wasn't announced until 1996 and it took its time getting into the market.  By that time, Iomega had introduced the Zip Drive.
Different interfaces were introduced for the SuperDisk LS-120 Drive, including parallel, ATAPI, and external USB.
The original capacity of the SuperDisk was 120MB.  Later a larger capacity of 240MB was introduced, called the LS-240.
In the end, CD-R technology overtook all these data storage solutions, in terms of capacity, speed and cost.

Snow Storm in April

In Episode 285, Leo played the Festive Letters Jingle, even though it was April.  A listener from Cleveland found it ironical, and oddly appropriate, as they were experiencing a weird semi snow storm right then.

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