Daily Giz Wiz 326: Touch-Matic Paper Towel Dispenser

Episode 326 of the podcast

Touch-Matic Paper Towel Dispenser
Subject: Review of Touch-Matic Paper Towel Dispenser
Released:Monday 4 June 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
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OK I like kitchen gadgets too, but do you really need a Touch-Matic Paper Towel Dispenser?

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With an automatic sensor for the perforations in the paper towel roll, the Towel-Matic dispenses one sheet, two sheets, or the new half page sheet.  You do have to press a button to make your selection, and pull off the sheets yourself. Dick asks, "Why?"

Dick likes the Touchless Trashcan series rather better.  The lid opens as you approach the bin.

Yale Celebrities

Leo knows a few celebrities from Yale, including Donna Dubinsky, founder of Palm, and Stone Phillips of Dateline NBC.  He's just come back from a Yale college reunion.

Leo, Leo, Leo

Kyle White, a web designer for Techlogica, writes to Dick, and talk about Leo, Leo, Leo.  Dick is a little peeved.

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