Daily Giz Wiz 818: WonderWash

Episode 818 of the podcast

Subject: Review of WonderWash
Released:Wednesday 29 April 2009
Length:about 32 minutes
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Wash your clothes using less energy and detergent with the portable Wonderwash.

Detailed information

In support of last Wednesday's Earth Day, Dick is going to do a couple of green gadgets today and tomorrow.  The Wonder Wash is a portable, environmentally-friendly washing machine which has been around for a number of years and which Dick has tried out specially for Earth Day.  The entire setup is 16" tall with a 12" square base.  It can take up to 5 pounds fo laundry.  Just fill up the drum with detergent and hot water and hand crank it for 90 seconds.  The rotation of the drum causes the air to absorb the heat of the water which in turn builds up the air pressure inside the drum, which forces the detergent particles to go through the fabrics more rapidly and frequently, releasing the dirt more efficiently.  Perfect for smaller items and delicate materials.
Tomorrow, Dick will cover the companion gadget to Wonder Wash, the Mini Countertop Spin Dryer.

The Greater Wall of China

The New York Times last Tuesday had a news article on the discovery of a further 180 miles, hitherto undiscovered, of the Great Wall of China.  In the visa application form for China, Leo has had to declare whether he has any mental disease, venereal disease, leprosy, and whether he is a journalist.  Any positive answer to these would probably disentitle him from travelling to China.  So Leo declared himself an educator - and that may well be closer to the truth than his other answers.  Leo half-complained about it on Twitter, and was told in no uncertain terms that the US visa application is much more intrusive.

Logical Train of Thought

Leo finally concludes that there is no logical train of thought at all to this podcast.  If there is such a train, Dick adds, there are no tracks.

Dick's Way is My Weigh

Dick's show is no whimsical, rough and ready, crazy gadget show.  Dick takes the testing of his gadgets very seriously.  He weighed his laundry on his trusted My Weigh Ultraship-55 Scales (Episode 346).  However, Dick can be forgiven for not having tested the effect of the drum being knocked on one's head - which is going to happen when Leo gives it to Jennifer on Mother's Day.  No matter, as Dick might yet put that to the test when he gives it to his friend Lindy Dunn.  By the way, a helmet is not included with the Wonder Wash.

Wonder Wash Laundromat

Dick and Leo have some wonderful ideas today.  Leo could buy more of the Wonder Wash, one for each of his family and each could have his or her own sanitary bin.  No more "Wash and Fold" for Leo.  Better yet, they could buy a whole lot of them and set up a TWiT-approved, GizWiz-endorsed Wonder Wash Laundromat, an enterprise that would make even Donald Trump proud.

Samsung Charging Stations

Talk of airports (Episode 802) has got Toyota Boy writing in again, noting that not only are airports not designed for sleeping, but they are also not designed for gadgets in distress and in need of power, as power outlets are hard to come by.  In rides the white knight, in the form of Samsung Mobile, which has sponsored the installation of free charging stations at various airports in the States, 14 of them so far.

The power goes out, the light goes on

Two Sundays ago, while doing the Tech Guy, Leo had a power outage at the TWiT Cottage.  Fortunately, no serious harm was done.  Leo wants an emergency power generator (but even the Honda Super Quiet Generator, Episode 69, would not be quiet enough for the TWiT studio), so that when the power goes out, the light goes on - speaking of logical trains of thought.

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