Daily Giz Wiz 328: Think Geek Flying Alarm Clock

Episode 328 of the podcast

Think Geek Flying Alarm Clock
Subject: Review of Think Geek Flying Alarm Clock
Released:Wednesday 6 June 2007
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

If you thought Clocky as hard to catch, wait till you meet the Think Geek Flying Alarm Clock.

Detailed information

Time flies.  At the pre-set time, a screaming siren will sound from the Flying Alarm Clock and the propeller flies off the base.  To stop the siren, you have to retrieve the propeller and slot it snugly back into the base before the siren will stop.  If even the Clocky (Episode 306) doesn't work for you, this one might.  Only for the recalcitrant non-getter-upper who lives miles away from his nearest neighbour.

Writing for Mad

Dick has been writing for Mad since 1963.

Happy Birthday ...

... to Darone Ruskay from his wife Stephanie, and Dick and Leo, on his 34th.

Rude Awakening

Dick refers to an alarm clock called the Rude Awakening Alarm Clock, with messages such as "Listen, you good for nothin' couch potato! Drag your fat, lazy ass out from under those ... sheets, now! ... Do you wanna be flippin' burgers for the rest of your life?" "C'mon, I said get your lazy ass out of bed, right NOW!" or "Listen, lazy bones...it's time to get your butt to work, NOW!

Voco Clock

For a gentler alarm clock, Leo suggests the Voco Clock and you can wake up to the voice of Stephen Fry who played Jeeves in Jeeves and Wooster.  Only if you don't mind his voice.

Watch the Flying Alarm Clock Video (Warning: Turn down your volume)

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