Daily Giz Wiz 350: Nothing by Sevens Sundays

Episode 350 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Nothing by Sevens Sundays
Released:Friday 6 July 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
Download file:dgw0350.mp3 (4.8 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: Nothing!

Detailed information

Just Nothing, and let Dick explain himself.


In another of Leo's endless intros, he trips over himself again and stumbles into the phrase "gadget enigmy". Ignominy wrapped up in enigma?  Could well apply to the intro.

Odd Lots

"Nothing" reminds Leo of the Pet Rock, which reminds Dick of the Pet String that used to be available at Odd Lots stores, where Dick bought a wedding gift for Bill Gaines (see Episode 91).

Another vote of thanks ...

... from Brian at Northborough, Maine who won from the 300th Episode Contest the ADS Tech DVD Xpress DX2, which is working great for him.

No Celebration for 400th Episode?

Dick and Leo might withhold their next celebration until the 500th Episode.  For the 400th Episode, they'll have sound effects.

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