Daily Giz Wiz 386: Fly Fusion

Episode 386 of the podcast

Fly Fusion
Subject: Review of Fly Fusion
Released:Monday 27 August 2007
Length:about 12 minutes
Download file:dgw0386.mp3 (5.5 MB)

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Short info

One of the most amazing products ever: a complete computer in a pen, successor to the Fly Pen, it's the Fly Fusion.

Detailed information

From the makers of the FlyPen (Episode 14), the Fly Fusion is a "pentop computer".  You use the Fly Fusion pen to write or draw on Fly Paper or the Fly Notebook, and everything is then recorded into the memory in the pen.  Connect the pen to the computer with the cable provided and upload what you've done to the computer.
There are various software applications or modules available and the modes of operation and interaction vary from one to another, but the basic idea is that the pen stores what you've written or drawn and sends it to the computer (as data storage or instructions to the computer).
The modules include language translations, homework tools, games, music studio.

DGW Marathon

Jay Metzko in California listened to 13 episodes in a row while running on an AFC Half-Marathon and he smiled through it, but usually he listens to DGW while washing the dishes.

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