Daily Giz Wiz 387: Rivet iPhone Headset

Episode 387 of the podcast

Rivet iPhone Headset
Subject: Review of Rivet iPhone Headset
Released:Tuesday 28 August 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the tables Tuesday, and Leo reviews the Rivet iPhone Headset.

Detailed information

The iPhone has a 3-ring jack for the earphones which is deeply recessed and many earphones cannot fit into it.  Most conventional earphones do not support the function of pausing the music and activating the microphone to make or answer a call, which the Apple earphones does.
Now comes the Rivet headset made for the iPhone.  The sound quality, while not Etymotics standard, is still better than the Apple earphones, and it supports the microphone function.  Worn lanyard-style.


Leo went to Clear Lake for Henry's 13th birthday party.  He and the children had a lot of fun with the SpinMallows (Episode 384).  Leo might review some of the other toys from Marky Sparky.

The Dog Days of Summer

Leo's question about the "dog days" of August (Episode 381) prompted letters from a number of listeners including David Rath, and Paul from Pittsburg.  The reference has nothing to do with dogs but everything to do with the dog star Sirius.  Naturally there is a Wikipedia entry for the phrase.  Ironically Leo read out that Wikipedia entry, way back in Episode 131, when he referred to "the dog days of summer", but at the time he didn't think it made any sense.

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