Daily Giz Wiz 525: Nightquest Night Vision Monocular

Episode 525 of the podcast

Nightquest Night Vision Monocular
Subject: Review of Nightquest Night Vision Monocular
Released:Friday 14 March 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Nightquest Night Vision Monocular.

Detailed information

From 1994, Dick got this Mariner Night Vision Monocular, which is still working well.  It gave you perfect vision in the night, especially if you wanted to find an unlighted buoy, including the Key Buoy.  No longer available, it was made by ITT, which is still going strong, and their products are now up to Generation 3, including the high-end NightQuest 6010.


Pod78G lost a laptop because the cheap power connection broke off, and writes to thank Dick and Leo for introducing him to the Jerkstopper (Episode 507).

Email Scam

Dick has received a Nokia Promo Winning Notification via email, saying that his email address has won him a prize of £500,000.  All he has to do is to fill in a form with his name, address, occupation, country, telephone, age, and finally, his next of kin.

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