Daily Giz Wiz 526: Duracell Battery Tester

Episode 526 of the podcast

Duracell Battery Tester
Subject: Review of Duracell Battery Tester
Released:Monday 17 March 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Make sure your batteries still have juice with the Duracell Battery Tester.

Detailed information

Duracell has brought back something from 10 years ago.  It's the battery tester pack.  The CopperTop Battery Tester was introduced back in 1990, but was stopped about 10 years ago.  It has been re-introduced in March 2008, with the CopperTop AA 8-packs.

What The Heck is happening to WTHII

Recently the amount of Dick's emails has dropped dramatically, including WTHII entries.  It turns out that there was a hiccup with Network Solutions when it moved Dick's website to a new server.  Dick had about 5,000 emails to catch up on, and he did!.

Dymo Disc Painter

Kenny Pothier from Nova Scotia thinks the Dymo DiscPainter (Episode 469) is great, but the Canon Pixma iP4300 Photo Printer does as good a job.

A Message From Ludwik

Out of Dick's backlog of 5,000 emails is one from Ludwik Trammer, and Leo is going to read it tomorrow on his TTTT.  Stay tuned.

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