Daily Giz Wiz 524: Backpack Shield

Episode 524 of the podcast

Backpack Shield
Subject: Review of Backpack Shield
Released:Thursday 13 March 2008
Length:about 8 minutes
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Short info

For the concerned parent, send your child to school with the bulletproof Backpack Shield insert.

Detailed information

A bulletproof shield which can fit into most backpacks.  According to Backpack Shield's website, it is supposed to stop bullets from virtually all handguns.  Essentially a Kevlar sheet, it will protect you from the back, but can also be used as a shield when you put the backpack in front of you.  A sad commentary on American society, Leo says.

The company also sells backpacks, including see-through or transparent varieties, for convenient security checks.


Technopiliac from Toronto, Ontario writes in about the VeggieTales which often parody popular TV shows and films.  There's a parody of the Lord of the Rings, called the Lord of the Beans, in which the beans are scared of - an army of Sporks - forged by Lord Scaryman.  In the end, the sporks were defeated by Keebler cookies.  The parody is available on DVD on Amazon.

That brings back bitter memories for Leo, of the sponsorship that never was, by To[s]tino pizza rolls.

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