Daily Giz Wiz 698: Road Mice

Episode 698 of the podcast

Road Mice
Subject: Review of Road Mice
Released:Wednesday 12 November 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

Click, scroll, and drag in racy classic car style with Road Mice.

Detailed information

Today we go from a replica of Gene Simmons's Axe to a replica of your favourite car.  Four Door Media makes the Road Mice, which are wireless (RF) optical mice (800 dpi resolution), using USB wireless receivers.  There is a scroll wheel on the hood, and left/right click buttons on either side.  The headlights are LED-lit, which naturally grabs Dick's attention.  There are a lot of models and colours to choose from, Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, Dodge Chargers, and even Highway Patrol/Police Cars.

To complete the experience, a Road Mouse comes with all the usual perks of car ownership: a Certificate of Title, a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number on the bottom of the car), and you can register your car ownership online, and even buy an Insurance Plan for the car.

All Right, How About Petaluma Then?

Scott Murray thinks that the 50th anniversary of NASA and Leo's natural pride in his town Petaluma make it worth mentioning that Petaluma was featured in a famous series of Peanuts in the 60's in which Snoopy went to the moon, called out to Houston, got no response, and finally said, "All right, how about Petaluma then?"  Just because of this strip, Scott's father took him on a special trip from Muncie, Indiana to Petaluma, California.

Charles Schultz was himself a resident of in the Petaluma area.  For another series of Peanuts in which Snoopy actually went to Petaluma for a wrist wrestling competition, which another listener brought to the attention of Dick and Leo, see Episode 435.

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