Daily Giz Wiz 840: Fellowes Secure Touch Mini Optical Mouse

Episode 840 of the podcast

Fellowes Secure Touch Mini Optical Mouse
Subject: Review of Fellowes Secure Touch Mini Optical Mouse
Released:Friday 29 May 2009
Length:about 14 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Fellowes Secure Touch Mini Optical Mouse

Detailed information

This Fellowes Secure Touch Mouse from a few years back had a fingerprint reader for security purposes - accessing the computer, unlocking passwords etc.  An early commercial foray into biometrics.

All About Egg Cream

Jim Levine, a Brooklyn tour guide who has written a few times before, and helped  tells us all about the egg cream which Leo mentioned back in Episode 813.  Jim says that the most believed story is that the egg cream was invented at a luncheon in Brooklyn.  The original egg cream did contain eggs, but at the turn of the century when people in poor sections of the city could not afford to have egg in a drink, someone came up with the drink we now know.  Authenticity requires spraying off the back of a spoon and Fox's Syrup, as per the Seltzer Sisters instructions.  Fox's also has a recipe for the "original" Brooklyn Egg Cream.

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