Daily Giz Wiz 754: Njoy Phony Cigarettes

Episode 754 of the podcast

Njoy Phony Cigarettes
Subject: Review of Njoy Phony Cigarettes
Released:Thursday 29 January 2009
Length:about 31 minutes
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Short info

Njoy Phony Cigarettes is a semi-fake cigarette electronic device that contains nicotine and fake smoke.

Detailed information

At CES, Dick saw someone apparently smoking a cigarette and wondered why.  It turned out it was not a cigarette, but some kind of cigarette substitute or alternative.  You screw a fully charged battery to an atomiser, then at the other end, insert an NJOY cartridge.  You can start enjoying the cartridge.

Each cartridge consists of water, propylene glycol, a scent, and nicotine.  It gives the flavour of smoking to the smoker but without the smell of tobacco, as the "smoke" that comes out is an odourless mist.  One NPRO cartridge is the approximate equivalent of half a pack of cigarettes.

As the cartridge contains nicotine, it is not a smoking-cessation device, but just a cigarette alternative.

A New "Voice" for Dick

Dick has started using the new microphone that Leo sent him.  We can't improve the quality, but we can make it sound better," says Dick.

Changes at Mad

Sadly, Mad has decided to publish the magazine quarterly, instead of monthly.  Circulation and ad revenue are down, and Time Warner has had to let 800 employees go.  You can read about the news on Dick's website.  When people heard the news, the most frequent inquiry was "What's going to happen to the What The Heck Is It game?"  Dick's income is going to drop a bit, but he may start doing the Daily Giz Wiz twice a day, or have lunch with Madoff.

A Leo Jingle

Geoff Smith has done a Leo Jingle (La, la, la, Leo, Laporte), and a "Insert Name Here" Jingle for MacBreak Weekly, which Leo plays on this show.

The Hi Phone

There are scams around selling people the Hi Phone, probably made by Tangerine.

Presidential Ties

President Obama is the first president to have his portrait taken by a digital camera.  The EXIF data of the photo shows that it was taken on a Canon EOS 5D-Mark II, on 13th January, the day Leo did his TTTT gadget of the day - the Canon EOS 5D-Mark II (Episode 742).  "Does Leo have ties to the President?" asks Nick from Columbus, Ohio.  Leo has heard rumours that the new administration may be appointing Dick as the new Gadget Tsar.  Dick says they haven't got round to it yet.  They've been too busy putting off the Digital TV transition.

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