Daily Giz Wiz 782: Coleman's Flash Cell

Episode 782 of the podcast

Coleman's Flash Cell
Subject: Review of Coleman's Flash Cell
Released:Tuesday 10 March 2009
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Recharge in 30 seconds or less with ultra capacitor-powered Coleman's Flashcell screwdriver.

Detailed information

Leo forgot he was going to talk about the Kindle 2 but still manages to come up with something cool.  It's the Coleman Flashcell Rechargeable Screwdriver.  Just a cordless screwdriver, but it's the charging of the battery which is exciting.  The charging base uses ultracapacitors (currently an EEStor project) which give the battery a full recharge in 90 seconds, which will last the screwdriver 30 minutes.  It's the first and only commercial product available using this technology.

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Leo even manages to demonstrate the charging of the screwdriver, and keep it running for half an hour.  Just ignore the clock behind Leo.

For those interested in how ultracapacitors or supercapacitors work, go to ultracapacitors.orgSteve Gibson also covered this topic in Security Now! Episode 177 (with feedback from listeners in SN! Episode 178).  For its possible application in electric cars, see Popular Mechanics.

A Message from the Kindle 2

Al Spalding from Acworth, Georgia refers to the voicemail from the Kindle 2, played on Buzz Out Loud, in anticipation of Leo's review of the new Kindle.  A protest against the objection by Authors' Guild to the Kindle's new text-to-voice feature.

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