Daily Giz Wiz 518: Ultralast Energy Station

Episode 518 of the podcast

Ultralast Energy Station
Subject: Review of Ultralast Energy Station
Released:Wednesday 5 March 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

Halfway through the week, and Dick's ready to go with the USB-in/USB-out Ultralast Energy Station battery charger, which itself works as a power source.

Detailed information

A charger for with hot tips/adapters for various portable devices, made by North America Battery Company.  The Ultralast Innovations Energy Station also charges AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, and comes with 4 AA Nickel Metal Hydride "Hybrio" batteries (probably made by Uniross) which can retain 85% of the power even after a year (see Episode 416 for a similar type of battery made by Duracell).  You can use the charger or the batteries to recharge your devices, and the charger itself can be powered via AC or USB.

What's In The Box?

This is another DGW episode in which Dick opens a gadget parcel while recording the show, as in Episode 379 (Cardiochek)..  Dick wishes he had the Zibra OpenIt (Episode 496) with him, as the Energy Station is blister-packed.  Both occasions nearly drew blood from Dick.

Digital Picture Frame for a Venerable 103-Year-Old

Rick McCormack from Lopez Island Pharmacy heard Episode 504 on Valentine's Day about the Coby Digital Photo Frame, which prompted him to write about a Ceiva picture frame which he has given to 2 elderly relatives, one of whom is 103 years old.  It hooks up to the internet and he can administer the frame over the internet via a phone line, change the settings etc without intervention from the user.  It does require a subscription, and Leo knows of a company called Digital Spectrum Solutions which makes digital photo frames which you can administer via the internet without a subscription fee, a Chris Pirillo recommendation.

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