Daily Giz Wiz 796: Keep A Cable

Episode 796 of the podcast

Keep A Cable
Subject: Review of Keep A Cable
Released:Monday 30 March 2009
Length:about 26 minutes
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Short info

Keep cables organized with the affordable Keep-a-Cable.

Detailed information

Keep-A-Cable hails itself as "Finally a lo-tech solution to a hi-tech problem".  If you need to plug in and unplug cables from your notebook or other gadgets, Keep-A-Cable keeps the cables in place and prevents them from disappearing behind or under the desk.  A cable management solution.  Available in singles, strips of 5, and long strips of different lengths for you to cut.

A Red Flag

Dick's tax accountant warned him that taking 230 TWiT listeners as dependants for tax deductions and getting a tax refund 5 times his reported gross income might just raise a red flag.  Dick is not worried.  He's ready with his answer, "It's a bailout."


AIG has had the big sign "American International Group Inc" removed from the entrance to their building in Water Street, New York City (not the iconic building in Pine Street).  Read the news from NY Daily News.  For a photo of the new look, go to daylife.com.  Dick and Leo suggest they should have just put the words "NOT" in front of the old sign.  For the record, Dick did not receive any AIG executive bonus last year.

Cable Knots

There may be a mathematical explanation of why cables seem spontaneously to entangle themselves into knots, at least according to the Department of Physics at the University of California at San Diego: here's the article.  Dick has a simpler explanation.  It's the cable gremlin.  Whatever the reason is for these knots, Jennifer has a simple solution to the knots in the 3-carat gold necklace that Leo gave her.  Just place it on the table and tap the table.  That won't work with your coils of Christmas lights, though, according to the TV show MythBusters.

Tongue Twister

Leo manages not only to twist his own tongue with Keep-A-Cable, but also to get the product name Keep-A-Cable completely entangled with CableKeeper.  Dyslexia strikes again.  Leo blames Dick, "I speak English and he speaks Brooklyn."

The Woot Box of Crap

When compulsive gadget-buyer Steve Miller runs out of gadgets to buy, he gets himself the Woot Box of Crap, which he recommends trying.  Dick has something else to recommend: the Ultimate Ludwik Package.  You can get one of the 5 packages left at GizWizShopping.

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