Daily Giz Wiz 795: Zircon Repeater Measure

Episode 795 of the podcast

Zircon Repeater Measure
Subject: Review of Zircon Repeater Measure
Released:Friday 27 March 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The Repeater

Detailed information

The Zircon Repeater was a retractable tape measure, available in 10 feet or 25 feet models, with a built-in microphone and voice recorder, for you to record the measurements you took.  Dick has had it for 10 years but it's still available on the internet.

Zircon has other interesting products, including StudSensors, their modern versions of the old StudFinder.

From A Fellow Correspondent

Phil Baker, currently technology columnist for the San Diego Daily Transcript, and whom Leo first met when Phil was working for Seiko, writes in about his new book.  Phil has been involved with many classic products such as the Polaroid SX 70, the Folding Keyboard and the Apple Newton.  If you're interested in what's involved behind the scenes in the development of gadgets, check out his book "From Concept To Consumer", available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or on the Kindle Store.

Dick's Next Visit To Petaluma

Dick first visited TWiT Cottage on 27 June 2008 for Episode 600 and GizWizLive.  Episode 1000 is coming up but thatwill be next year.  Episode 800 is just next week and too soon.  So Dick might come over for Episode 900, and that's about 5 months away.  Dick and Leo are considering doing a public event for Episode 1000, maybe in New York City, driving an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile decorated as a Golden iPod.  Suggestions from listeners are not welcome, though, as they are tired of hearing "Get out of my life," "Stop podcasting," and "Give me a break."

Hitting the Wall

Leo took Henry to the Louvre in Paris to see the Mona Lisa.  Henry wasn't impressed by its size.  Wait till he gets to the Great Wall of China then.

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