Daily Giz Wiz 811: MINI E

Episode 811 of the podcast

Subject: Review of MINI E
Released:Monday 20 April 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
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Short info

Cut down on your carbon footprint by driving the electric Mini E.

Detailed information

From the makers of the Mini Cooper, the Mini E is their latest offering at the Auto Show, a brand new electric car available only for leasing in field trials.  With the air-cooled batteries weighing 573 pounds, a full charge can run you 100 to 150 miles.  It accelerates to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds, top speed at 95 mph.  On a 240V 48 Amp outlet, it charges in 3 hours.  4.5 hours on a 240V 32 Amp outlet, and 26.5 hours on a 110 Volt 12 Amp outlet.  No back seat.  You can look at the full specs sheet.
$850 a month for a one-year leasing, and they will take care of maintenance and the collision insurance, while you need to get your own liability insurance.  The field trial is only available to the LA and New York/New Jersey metro areas.

Highway Safety Test

Leo's got his own hybrid car, the Toyota Highlander.  While he's reserved a Smart Car for Abby (see Episode 666), he's not happy with the results of the highway safety tests for these small cars - see the CNN Article.  He loves the look of the Mini E, though, and the lack of a back seat is a bonus.  What's more, the Mini E Logo looks just like the TWiT guy.

Square Space

A new sponsor for the Daily Giz Wiz, Square Space.  Leo recommends it to Dick for his wacky-looking website.

A Heaven-Sent Inside Look at the World of Leo

Leo's vicarious letter reader, his sister Eva Laporte from Providence, Rhode Island, has been a MAD fan for years, and is thrilled to be able to correspond with Dick.  "It amazes me how far Leo has gone with a so-so voice and just a tiny bit of talent," writes Dick.  It's been a pleasure for Eva is to get an inside look at the World of Leo, and to discover that the great Dickie De from MAD Magazine is part of that world.  Eva and Leo used to spend hours poring over MAD Magazines.  She loves the Match Game too, so wait till she finds out about Dick's involvement.

Home Theatre Series

Leo has found the Wild Divine Biofeedback system, but has yet to locate the software.  But starting with tomorrow's TTTT, he'll do a series of gadgets for a home theatre system for the Mac or PC.

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