Daily Giz Wiz 810: Johnny Light

Episode 810 of the podcast

Johnny Light
Subject: Review of Johnny Light
Released:Friday 17 April 2009
Length:about 26 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Johnny Light helps you stay on target.

Detailed information

The Johnny-Light is already 15 years old, but it's still going.  It seeks to avoid the battle of the sexes in the bathroom.  When the gentleman lifts the lavatory seat, the light goes on and stays on to remind him to put the seat down for the ladies.  When that's been done, the light will go off.  That's one gadget for the ladies, who should all be singing, "This little light of mine."

This reminds Leo of another toilet night light which he showed on Regis and Kelly, that was a little more advanced.  It had a motion sensor that would light up red for the gent to aim at when the seat was up, and light up green for the ladies when the seat was down.  Leo can't remember what the product was called, but he did blog about it in March 2003.  It might be the LavNav, or something similar.  See the article on Wired.com.

Wine Tasting turned Fire Tasting

Leo has got a new sponsor Gary's Wine, so he does a wine-tasting session on Sunday.  With a bit of Dutch courage and a little help from Brain Brushwood of Scam School, Leo started tasting fire, too.  You can watch the video on odtv.me.

Feats of Daring-Do

Dick has had his share of daring-do.  He appeared on "That's My Line", with a tiger resting its head on Dick's lap.  Leo might have done the fire-eating, but he would not do the bungee jump or parachute jump, and Dick would definitely stay away from the Stratosphere Tower's See-Saw Ride (it's actually called X-Cream) in Las Vegas.

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A Camera-Printer for the Warehouse

Darryl Wattenberg of darrylsphotoblog.blogspot.com says that the Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera (shown at CES and discussed in Episode 745) was not the first to attempt that combination.  Olympus did just that about a decade ago with the Camedia C-211 Zoom (or C-211z), a digital camera with 2.1 MP which used Polaroid instant film for the prints.  Read the review at Imaging-Resource.  Darryl also recalls a later camera/printer model from Olympus with dye-sub printing capabilities.  2 more gadgets for Dick's Gadget Warehouse.

Dick in Disguise and Mercury Rising

Dr L S Powers of the chatroom asks if the gentleman with a moustache holding a plastic whale on Boston Whaler's website is Dick in disguise.  Not so.  Leo advises against eating too much deep-sea big-body fish such as tuna, as it may contain a lot of mercury, as Steve Gibson has recently found out.

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