Daily Giz Wiz 817: Pogoplug

Episode 817 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Pogoplug
Released:Tuesday 28 April 2009
Length:about 27 minutes
Download file:dgw0817.mp3 (12.4 MB)

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Short info

Connect your external hard drive to the internet with the Pogoplug.

Detailed information

Just plug the Pogoplug into an AC outlet, connect it to your router through its gigabit ethernet port, connect it to any USB drive (hard drive or flash drive), log on to the mypogoplug website with your email address and your own password (no subscription fees required), and you have instant access to the USB drive via a web browser, effectively turning the USB drive into an NAS.  In most cases, it is not necessary to configure your router, poYou can manage more than one Pogoplug under one account.  You can upload files to the USB drive from anywhere, or download existing files from the USB drive.  You may also share any file or folder with a friend by entering your friend's email address, and he will get a link for access to the file via a browser.  Logging on to your own account is done via SSL.  The Pogoplug website states that where possible, a direct fully encrypted connection is created between the remote device and the Pogoplug, but even when the connection has to be relayed through the Pogoplug service, it is done through an encrypted tunnel.  If you're concerned about the security of the connectino or transfer, read this customer question and feedback.

If you want to access the USB drive like a mapped or networked drive within a desktop environment and not through a browser, you can download a Windows or Mac desktop application for that purpose.  There is also an iPhone app for more convenient access  If you want to use more than one USB drive, you can connect a USB hub to the USB port on the Pogoplug and connect multiple drives via the hub.

Since access to the Pogoplug drive requires logging on to its website, your ability to use the Pogoplug will depend on the continued success of Pogoplug's business.  Alternatlively, you can try DGW's sponsor GoToMyPC.

Coffee Tasting

Warren Owen (WOnet on Twitter) has followed Leo from his Screen Savers days, through the KFI Tech Guy, and now Leo's many podcasts.  He has heard Leo mention Starbucks' instant coffee in his podcasts, and most recently in Episode 801 of DGW.  Warren is a bit of a barista himself and has sent some of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for Leo to try.  He's also going to start a coffee podcast.  Signed, "Your cafn8ed follower".

From Soy Milk to Maidinfirm

Leo uses soy milk with his coffee, despite his unfounded fear of getting man-boobs from the substance (phytoestrogen) in soy milk similar to oestrogen, the female hormone.  This reminds Leo of Maidenform and MAD's parody of the Maidenform ad ("Maidinfirm"), which had a huge effect on Leo (which Leo does not specify, and we don't really want to know).  Leo can't find the parody ad on the internet.  It's in MAD Issue No.70, in 1962.  The ad did not appear on the back cover of that issue as Leo remembers, but the parody was: "I dreamed I went to a Fraternity Smoker in my Panic Magazine!", quoting from an article on EC Comics and the Senate Subcommittee hearing, by Richard Corliss of Time Magazine (from page 4 of the article).

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