Daily Giz Wiz 10: Head Blinkers

Episode 10 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Head Blinkers
Released:Friday 3 March 2006
Length:about 7 minutes
Download file:DGW-010.mp3 (3.4 MB)
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Detailed information

Indicator lights for your head!
Dick's Gadget Warehouse

You've got indicator lights for your car.  Now you can get the same thing while walking in the busy streets of your nearest metropolis, to show people behind you where you're going, with the Headblinkers.  Left turn light, right turn light, and of course, the brake light, over your ears.  Sadly, they're no longer available.

Dick's Alarms

Dick has many gadgets that give off an alarm.  How does he live with all that noise?  Listen to his solution in Episode 10.


Dick also mentions a gadget that he thinks will not take off, the Extend-A-Fork.

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