Daily Giz Wiz 9: LG the V

Episode 9 of the podcast

Subject: Review of LG the V
Released:Thursday 2 March 2006
Length:about 9 minutes
Download file:dgw0009.mp3 (4.2 MB)

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Detailed information

Also called LG9800, the "V" is a multimedia EvDO cellphone that plays music, video, take pictures, video clips and much more.

Cheeky Gadget Supplier

Leo wants Dick at some stage to cover certain "flameless candles", which reminds Dick of an old incident.  Dick once saw an inexpensive gadget at CES which was a like a flameless candle, a fake fire.  After the show, Dick wrote to the gadget supplier for a free sample to show it on ABC.  While most suppliers would jump at the opportunity, this one gave Dick a cheeky reply.
Dick is to cover the Flameless Candles that Leo refers to, in Episode 211.

Timex Datalink

In the course of the show, Dick asks Leo if he still wears his Timex Datalink watch, which is the subject of a Gadget Warehouse Friday in Episode 20.

Call For Help

Dick appears from time to time on Call For Help, but he won't do it in the winter because it is too cold up in Toronto.  The minimum temperature for Dick is 70 degrees F.

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