Daily Giz Wiz 656: XXL Swiss Army Knife

Episode 656 of the podcast

XXL Swiss Army Knife
Subject: Review of XXL Swiss Army Knife
Released:Monday 15 September 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Never be unprepared when you bring the Wenger XXL Swiss Army Knife (and a wheelbarrow).

Detailed information

Only for the dedicated utility knife collector, or to be featured in the modern version of the American Gothic, Wenger's XXL Swiss Army Knife is in the Guinness Book of World Records.  This flagship 3-pounder has a total of 87 tools with 141 functions, including a magnifying glass, a compass, a pair of multi-purpose pliers, a laser pointer, a cigar cutter, a golf reamer and lots of other stuff you wouldn't thinking of carrying with you in your wildest dream.

A Bit of Client Schmoozing

Leo was off to Los Angeles last Tuesday for some "client schmoozing".

A Visa Jingle

Geoff Smith, who did the Audible Pick of the Week jingle (Episode 560) and the I'm A TWiT jingle, has done a jingle for the Visa commercial, which Leo has been playing in last week's podcasts.

Living for TWiT

Brady Redfean finds himself arranging his life around TWiT's podcasts.  He stays up late to do his homework so he can listen to DGW when it comes out, especially during exam time, in order to stay sane.  "We lose our sanity so you can gain yours," say Dick and Leo.  He postpones dates (his wife doesn't know) if there's a podcast coming out.  He doesn't take his vacation until the TWiTs take theirs.  And Dick says no to Twitties Anonymous, unless it's a restaurant that serves Totino pizza rolls.

Look Humble

Whoever gave Leo the "Look Humble" needlepoint knows Leo well.  She understands that for Leo, "Be Humble" is an unattainable goal, and "Look Humble" is a more practical compromise.

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