Daily Giz Wiz 111: JVC Everio

Episode 111 of the podcast

Subject: Review of JVC Everio
Released:Monday 24 July 2006
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

JVC’s newest 3CCD+5-Megapixel JPEG’s hard drive camcorder is the Everio GZ-MG505. It lets you record up to 7 hours of DVD movie-quality video or more than 10 hours at DVD camcorder-quality. You can also record 5 Mega-pixel JPEG photos. The 30 GB hard disk holds about 10,000 photos and they’ll still be plenty of memory left for hours of video. It weighs a touch more than a pound including the battery and lens cap. A 2.7” widescreen 16:9 LCD displays 16:9 videos while they are being shot, as well as during playback. A microphone input and accessory shoe provide flexibility to capture sound and attach lighting. There’s a 10x optical zoom (8x for stills) and MPEG-2 Video Recording for DVD-Movie Quality Footage. A new feature for this year’s Everio G Series is Event Selection. The user can pre-assign an event while shooting, or it can be done later by assigning a convenient topical category with icon. Simply calling up the event type, like “Birthday”, brings up all events associated with it. Another security measure familiar to notebook PC users is its gravity force sensor system that automatically senses sudden acceleration such as in a free fall situation, and turns off the power to the hard disk so that a head crash can be avoided even when the unit is dropped. (I wouldn’t run around showing off this feature to people!) You can make Full-length DVDs with or without a Computer The Everio GZ-MG505 offers built-in DVD burner control allowing it to be directly connected to an optional JVC DVD burner, The camcorder connects to the burner via a USB cable and the burner is easily controlled by the camcorder. The JVC Everio GZ-MG505 is available now and sells for around $1,300.00.

Detailed information

The JVC Everio GZ-MG505 is a 3-CCD 30GB hdd camcorder that records 7 hours of DVD movie quality video; 5-MP stills; the accelerometer parks the hdd to prevent damage to the hdd in the event of a drop.  Records to MPEG-2.  Its 2.7" LCD screen displays 16:9 widescreen video.  10x optical zoom (8x for stills).  There's an optional DVD burner with which you can burn the video directly on to a DVD without a computer.  A new feature is Event Selection.  You assign a category (such as Birthday) to a video before you shoot it, and you can call up the videos by selecting the category.  A form of tagging.

DGW Release Time

Leo tries to push out the show by 10 pm Pacific time, and if he forgets, he gets a call from Dick.

eBay Auction of Model 100

Leo is currently the highest bidder at $36, with a maximum bid at $45 reserved.

Classic Computers

Leo bought his first Mac in March or April 1984 at Macy's for $2,500.  It did not have a hard drive, but a floppy drive of 400KB capacity, 1 MB memory, 1 MHz processor.  Listen also to Dick and Leo's discussion of classic computers such as the Apple II, the MITS Altair, the Kaypro, the Osborne and the first IBM PC.

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