Daily Giz Wiz 12: Socket in Your Pocket

Episode 12 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Socket in Your Pocket
Released:Tuesday 7 March 2006
Length:about 8 minutes
Download file:dgw0012.mp3 (3.8 MB)

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Detailed information

Dick saw this in the December issue of the Popular Science magazine - the Best of What's New.  With an AA battery, this gadget gives your cellphone emergency power supply.  There are adapters for the various models of iPods as well.

Leo's Dream

Leo's dream is to have a yacht one day, like Johnny Carson.  One day he might have the TWiT office on a boat - TWiTs At Sea.

Gripe about Adapters

Dick and Leo complain about the all-different adapters for cellphones and other portable devices.  A subject they will return to in future episodes.

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Tags: Power Supply

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