Daily Giz Wiz 578: Rotator

Episode 578 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Rotator
Released:Wednesday 28 May 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Create space for transformers with The Rotator, which turns any outlet into a rotating outlet.

Detailed information

Like the Socket Sense (Episode 519), the T10 Flexible Power Strip (Episode 449) and the Power Squid (Episode 24), the Rotator Swivel Socket solves the problem of the big plug or transformer that gets in the way of other plugs.  The socket adapter is designed primarily for use on a dual outlet.  Its elevated position gives you more room to manoeuvre.  The socket itself swivels to give you more flexibility and in certain cases, enables better balance for the device you're plugging in.

You can watch a demonstration here.

The Rotato

The name of Dick's gadget reminds Leo of the Rotato, a hand-crank potato peeler.  The Rotato Express is electrically powered.

Live Audience

A number of people have asked about watching Dick live on TWiTLive, in the TWiT Studio itself (aka The Giz Wiz Green Room).  Dick would love to have a live audience when he appears on TWiTLive on 20 June.

Piano Roll

Daniel Gentleman of ThoughtFix LLC writes in about what he thinks is the oldest method of recorded music distribution - the piano roll, and the player piano.

Even back in the day, the music industry was worried about copyright violation, and one of hte piano roll makers, Apollo, was taken to court, resulting in the 1908 Supreme Court decision in White-Smith Music Publishing Company v Apollo Company, which Apollo won.  But later Congress intervened.  Read about it on Wikipedia.

Here is an excellent video on YouTube of a TV programme aired on TVOntario in the late 1980's, called "The Acme School of Stuff", on how a piano roll was made.

[play video]

Dick and Leo wonder if the younger generation would understand what a "bread box" or an "ice box" is.

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