Daily Giz Wiz 534: Belkin MiniSurge Protector

Episode 534 of the podcast

Belkin MiniSurge Protector
Subject: Review of Belkin MiniSurge Protector
Released:Thursday 27 March 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

The travel-size Belkin Mini Surge Protector converts one outlet into three AC plugs and two USB charging ports.

Detailed information

A mini power strip with surge protection from Belkin.  The Mini Surge Protector gives you 3 AC outlets and USB charging ports.  360-degrees rotating plug with 4 lock-in positions.  Ideal for travelling.  Includes a mini-USB cable for charging mobile devices.

Leap Year Contest

There are 18 winners for the contest (3 Maxtor drives, 10 copies of YouCam, 5 copes of CrazyTalk5).  Check out if you're one of them.

Leap Day Warehouse Friday

Jim Driscoll has found out that the next leap day that falls on a Friday will be in the year 2036, and we will be having DGW Episode 7795.

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