Daily Giz Wiz 138: Radar Golf

Episode 138 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Radar Golf
Released:Wednesday 30 August 2006
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0138.mp3 (7.9 MB)

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Short info

Golden Earring almost had it right... it's Radar Golf

Detailed information

Radar Golf is a Ball Positioning System helps you locate your errant golf ball.  Each golf ball has a micro-chip inside.  The main unit, the "Finder" emits a specific RF signal to the golf ball, which returns another specific RF signal to the Finder.  The LCD on the Finder and an audio tone help you locate the ball.  Balls not in use are put into a shielded pouch so that they don't interfere with the main unit.
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Idea for a podcast

Dental student Ken Lim from Loma Linda University welcomed the idea of pictures of the gadgets in the Album Art and suggested Dick and Leo should do HIT, History in Tech.  Just what Leo needs.  Leo is introducing Windows Weekly next week and This Week in Law (TWiL) soon.

Gadgets you cannot part with

Dick suggests that listeners write in about gadgets they cannot part with, and maybe one day they'll be invited on to the show to talk about the gadgets.

Mad Minute

Alfco's new car rental business Just Once.

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